Professional Philosophy 

  • The 21 century library provides, creates,  and publishes media.  With technology and some creativity, libraries can record and distribute there own mini movies or holiday music albums.  As a public servant (teacher & librarian), my goal is to provide a positive public experience for everyone.  

Coaching Philosophy 

  • If it isn't HARD, it isn't FUN!  As a coach, I want to develop positive relationships to teach grit, perseverance, mental toughness, high standards, how to work hard, all while supporting them mentally/emotionally through whatever roadblocks arise.

  • Bottom Line:  I want to recruit and help develop athletes who are going to continue their training and education at the high school level.  Physically, middle school students will change in high school and I want to encourage and support every athletes' dreams as best I can.  

 Filming Philosophy 

  • I use film for advocacy and team building.  I generally attempt to design an activity that challenges the participants and then I try to capture the process and product.  There is a genuine authenticity in the experimentation, failure, and success with words and actions to achieve a goal.   

 Audio Artifacts

  • Audio recording a performance into an album allows the participant to relive that experience years or days later.  Listening to the audio that includes comments, conversations, and the process of the performance makes each event unique every year.

 Teacher-Librarian-Educational Folk Singer/Songwriter

  • I love the challenge of creating songs that serve an educational/institutional purpose and then recording the performances to give to students and teachers.  My first song, The Science Solving Gang, started it all.  It was the night before the first day of school and I was mapping out my science curriculum.  In my mind, the scientific method is taught and revisited throughout the year so the question was, "how can I do this easily, quickly, and effectively?"  The rest followed and I continued to write about other educational/library topics.